Welsh Executive Suites, Inc.
Providing the Right Tools
Welsh Center helps businesses get off the ground
By Tom Johnston, staff writer

A fledgling business in Barrington’s Welsh Executive Suites is like a kid in a candy shop. For three decades, the center has given all the goodies a businessperson needs to succeed.

The Welsh Center, 1250 S. Grove Ave., Suite 200, provides completely furnished offices, equipped with business communications equipment, as well as a receptionist and secretarial staff.

All the tenants need to do is pay rent, and go about their business.

Whether it be typing a letter or creating a presentation, the staff will cater to a business person’s administrative needs.

“We’re here to be used as you need us”, said Deborah Leone, office manager of the Welsh Center.

Leone said 50 percent of the center’s clients come to start up a new business they may have tried to get going at home. But the distractions like children, pets and television among others, that can be a daunting task.

By providing a productive environment and eliminating the hassles of hiring and managing staff, the Welsh Center can help an entrepreneur focus on growing his or her business.

“Starting a new business, you have to spend a great deal of time with marketing, administration as well as selling,” Leone said. “It’s hard to grow your business that way.”

One of the Welsh Center’s tenants has expanded from a single office to six over a period of five years, relying on all office support requirements except for accounting. Five other tenants have grown their businesses from single-employee operations to multi-million-dollar enterprises.

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