Welsh Executive Suites, Inc.
Providing the Right Tools
Greater Demand

Driven by demand in recent years, the Welsh Executive Suites have expanded the number of private executive suites from 13 to 43 and added more conference rooms, bringing the total to three. We also have multiple self-service copiers, fax machines and presentation development equipment. More staff, with skills ranging from bookkeeping to desktop publishing, have been hired as well.

The Welsh Executive Suites has invested in application servers, networking equipment and high-speed data lines to accommodate clients’ requirements for Web site development and hosting, high-speed Internet access and networking capabilities between multiple offices.

In addition to what is already provided – including a large furnished private office, business telephone system with a receptionist, mail processing and secretarial services – these new facilities and services make the Welsh Center an ideal facility for new and existing small businesses and satellite offices for companies with a national work force.

“We’ve created, a unique office environment that serves as an incubator for new businesses as well as a fully equipped space accommodating satellite offices for larger companies,” said Leone.

The Welsh Center’s 43 offices house a wealth of businesses, from mortgage lenders and asset advisers to tax accountants and technical companies.

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