Welsh Executive Suites, Inc.
Executive Suite Complex offers Alternative to Working at Home
Executive Suite Complex offers Alternative to Working at Home
Barrington, IL. February 4, 2002: Barrington's Welsh Executive Suites has helped fledgling companies take root and flourish for three decades. By providing all of the resources a businessperson needs to excel, Welsh Executive Suites has contributed to many business successes, and with dramatic business shifts affecting executives, Welsh Executive Suites is more than ever a key alternative to working at home.
At home, the impediments to productivity abound: Children, pets, neighbors, service people and chores, among a multitude of other distractions, handicap growth. If, in an effort to leave home, you opt for conventional office space, it has to be furnished, equipped and staffed, which, for a small business, can be a serious drain on cash flow. The Welsh Center provides completely furnished offices, equipped with business communications equipment, high speed T-1 data lines, as well as receptionist and secretarial staffing.
One Welsh Executive Suites client comments, "I was going to have to install additional telephone lines and upgrade the wiring for data inside my house. My file cabinets, desk, computer and other office necessities really cluttered up the house. The only place I had to meet with clients was the dining room table."
The Welsh Executive Suites was founded in 1972.
"We measure our success by the success of our clients," states Deborah Leone, Office Manger for the organization. "One tenant, a highly capitalized national firm, with a regional office at Welsh Executive Suites, has expanded from a single office to six over a period of five years. This company relies on us for all of their office support requirements with the exception of accounting. Although they could now justify moving into conventional office space, they are very comfortable with the way we all interact and the scope of services we provide."
Five others have grown their businesses from a single employee to multi-million dollar enterprises. Locating your business at Welsh Center doesn't guarantee that you'll become a millionaire but it can greatly improve the odds of success for someone with a viable business plan. This option gives executives the environment and support to really focus on business and optimize their time.
In recent years, driven by demand, Welsh Center expanded the number of private executive suites from 13 to 43. Two more conference rooms were added, bringing the total to three. Additional self-service copiers, fax machines, and presentation development equipment have been added as well. Additional office support staff with skills that range from bookkeeping to desktop publishing have been employed.
Welsh Center has recently invested in application servers, networking equipment and high speed data lines to accommodate client requirements for website development and hosting, high speed internet access and networking capabilities between multiple offices. CAT 5 data cable has been installed in all of the offices, since many small companies now have data processing requirements that extend beyond a stand-alone PC, printer and standard modem.
These new facilities and services, in addition to those already provided, which include a large furnished private office, business telephone system with receptionist, inbound and outbound mail processing, and secretarial services make Welsh Center an ideal facility for new and existing small businesses, and satellite offices for companies with a dispersed workforce.
Leone states, "We've created a unique office environment that serves as an incubator for new businesses." Because most Welsh Center clients have a discernable entrepreneurial bent, the value in networking with people in other businesses has been a bonus. "Executives just can't go out and rent a completely furnished and equipped 175 square foot office anywhere," continues Leone. "People with many different types of business skill sets began to network on their own, which was something we really hadn't anticipated. To foster this kind of interaction, we organized luncheons and parties to get people together."
Welsh Center offers service packages starting at $75.00 per month, enabling clients to contract only the services that they need. The Center is located in Barrington, just off Barrington Road at 1250 S. Grove Avenue.
They can be contacted at 847.381.5171 or you can visit the Welsh Center on the web at www.WelshCenter.com